Ultrasonologist course | Gynaecology ultrasound course online

BilMed is the only institute which conducts both online and in campus ultrasound courses in India for both freshers and for those who have a vast experience in ultrasonography and wants to upgrade their knowledge in the field of ultrasonography.

If you’re career minded and driven to succeed, you understand the importance of continually increasing your knowledge and skills. On-going training and education can boost your career growth and unlock your full potential. We encourage you to increase your knowledge and skills.

Success in today’s competitive environment depends upon how well you differentiate yourself from others. Working to continually increase your knowledge and skills will set you apart. For a practicing sonologist, gynecologist and radiologist despite of vast experience, it is need of the hour to update their knowledge at par to sustain in the field. At the same time, we understand that it is not possible for a busy professional to go through comprehensive text books.

We have a solution to all your problems

With a style that is unique and fun, we pride ourselves in our ability to lead you on a journey of exploration and discovery – focusing on your learning needs as we unravel the mysteries associated with the art and science of ultrasound.

Breaking the old-style institutional mold, our learning environment is modern, relaxed and collaborative. Utilizing cutting edge adult education approaches, our goal is simple – to ensure that you leave us with skills that will extend your use of ultrasound and a passion that will see many more questions raised.

We offer both online and on-campus programs. Our online ultrasound courses are as effective as in-campus where candidates will be connected with the institute via our dedicated soft wares and high-end class videos. We ensure that your personal computer or even a smartphone in your pocket will turn into a projector and you will feel like that you are in a live classroom distantly.

Our institute consists of a group of Radiologists / Sonologists/ Software engineers providing ultrasound course training in almost all branches of sonography and our institute is unique that we conduct online ultrasound courses in almost all branches of ultrasound and we don’t offer you an on-campus ultrasound course but design a course as per requirements of the candidate. Our courses can be easily followed with flexible timings schedules without encroaching once daily work schedule. Each student is given special care and attention; our efficient management team ensures that your experience at the institute remains memorable.

Since the time of inception of only 2 years our institute has received tremendous appreciation not only from all states of India but across the globe and is now grown by leaps and bounds spreading its wings all across the globe. More than 2000 alumni now in 2 years only and growing by the days is because we adopt a dedicated teaching methodology which has been universally acclaimed and appreciated.

Many of our students most of which have been doing sonography since decades and some who were new to ultrasonography, after going through our courses realized how important and useful it turned to them and how they had been missing the number of findings since years by not being updated, and at the same time fresher was gifted a very useful tool of ultrasonography for the rest of their carriers.

We don’t treat our alumnus as our student for a short span of time but they will be our life members and will get continuous support via the internet. lifelong expert assistance on cases and quires by the institute through WhatsApp/Facebook groups of our institute where daily uploading of cases and discussion are done by alumni and faculty thus providing an excellent opportunity to a candidate to upload thereby discuss the cases in the groups.