Dr Daljeet Kaur Hora


BilMed is providing online training effectively. The method of training is very good. The attitude of Dr Wani is very positive. The audio-visual training is very useful and helpful. Dr Wani is very hardworking. The way of teaching is very effective. New information and knowledge we are getting from this course which is helpful in betterment of our services in the field of USG for the society.

Dr Ramnath Meena


BilMed is an excellent institution for studying Ultrasound. Dr wani is a great person with extraordinary teaching skills .I am proud of being his student at my age of 64 years. I have attended so many CMEs , but never encountered a person like Dr. A.B Wani

Dr S N Chichani


Dr Wani sir is dedicated personality having excellent knowledge and skill of teaching in the field of ultrasound. Basic concepts clear in easy and simple language. Excellent teaching, personal attention and good teaching material. Dr Wani is a GURDUWARA for us

Dr Suresh kumar Joshi


I feels very lucky to be a student of BILMED because the way Dr Wani teaches the topic is unique one. For the first time I have found a person who want to teach the students.

He wants that his student should be clear in his basic and remember the things for long time, never forget and apply the knowledge in practice to make diagnosis correct and authentic

Dr Nitti Rai


BilMeds teaching is excellent which clears all the concept of ultrasound.

I will recommend every MD radio-diagnosis to go through this course.

I will readily join any upcoming course of Bilmed